Saudi Arabia-US Conclusion of Bilateral WTO Accession Agreement


The United States and Saudi Arabia Concluded Bilateral WTO Accession Agreement on September 9, 2005. Saudi Arabia has been negotiating its terms of accession to the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT), and then to the WTO, since 1993. The United States is the last WTO Member to formally conclude a bilateral market access agreement with Saudi Arabia. This agreement and those concluded with other WTO members in the course of the negotiation will be consolidated. The Report of the Working Party and Protocol of Accession will become part of Saudi Arabia’s overall package containing the terms of its accession to the WTO. This package must be formally approved by WTO Members and then accepted by the Government of Saudi Arabia. Thirty days after the WTO receives its notice of acceptance, Saudi Arabia will become a member of the WTO. No Congressional action is required on the accession since Saudi Arabia already receives Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) from the United States.

The following fact sheets are provided by the Office of U.S. Trade Representative

09/09/2005 | Saudi Arabia Accession - Summary [pdf]
09/09/2005 | Saudi Arabia Accession - Agriculture [pdf]
09/09/2005 | Saudi Arabia Accession - Industrial Goods[pdf]
09/09/2005 | Saudi Arabia Accession - IPR [pdf]
09/09/2005 | Saudi Arabia Accession - Services Market [pdf]
09/09/2005 | Saudi Arabia Accession - Technical Barriers[pdf]


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