Background Information

Vietnam is currently seeking WTO accession and has committed to working towards joining the global trading body by 2006. The US Vietnam Trade Council was an integral part of the successful passing of the Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) in 2001 and the Trade Council will use its experience to work with key ministries and counterparts involved in WTO accession. The WTO involves such issues as tariffs, non-tariff barriers, subsidies, trade remedies, TRIMS, and financial services. Work conducted to assist the team in Vietnam, Washington, DC and Geneva will aim to facilitate the understanding of issues raised by the overall negotiations, accession processes, and membership commitments. Throughout, the Trade Council’s Educational Forum is involved in providing expertise and technical assistance to the inter-ministerial team negotiating Vietnam’s WTO accession. The Educational Forum will involve the building of an international trade legal curriculum for Vietnamese professionals and academics. The Trade Council also hopes to be able to assist in capacity building the legal capacity for global integration and compliance with international commitments.

The programs and assistance that the US Vietnam Trade Council and its Educational Forum consist of study missions, technical assistance, public awareness and outreach programs, seminar series, and cooperation programs (including Singapore and New Zealand). These activities are designed to facilitate the WTO accession process. The Trade Council also provides numerous consultations with high- level officials and conducts research and analysis to the Ministry of trade, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning & Investment and Ministry of Agriculture on China’s Accession and Implementation, Russia’s accession, Doha developments, and Trade Policy Reviews of other countries.

Technical Assistance Programs
The U.S. - Vietnam Trade Council Education Forum currently provides technical assistance to Vietnam on issues relating to the implementation of the U.S. - Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA), and on issues raised by Vietnam's accession to WTO. Our assistance also covers key issues such as Intellectual Property Rights, Goods, Services, Investment, Transparency, and Labor. Click here for more information.

Important Materials
Other resources concerning Vietnam's accession to the WTO:

upcoming & ongoing activities on Vietnam's WTO accession

From the Trade Council
In addition to training, seminars, study missions, and consultations, the USVTC has also written reports and documents on the Vietnam accession to the WTO:

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