Ambassador's Roundtable on Intellectual Property Rights Issues in Vietnam

Hanoi, April 28, 2005

Ambassador Michael Marine hosted a roundtable and luncheon to discuss intellectual property rights and market access issues on Thursday, April 28th, at the Melia Hotel in Hanoi. Participants included about twenty US companies and company representatives, eight US Government officials and representatives from STAR-Vietnam and the US-Vietnam Trade Council.

Following the roundtable, participants were invited to attend a luncheon featuring two keynote speakers from the US , addressing the topic of "Public/Private Partnerships in IPR Enforcement". More than fifty people attended the luncheon, including: participants from the morning roundtable, Vietnamese officials dealing with IPR issues as well as local IPR lawyers.

The objectives for the half-day event included: (1) identifying private sector priorities on IPR and market access in Vietnam, (2) updating the private sector on technical assistance provided by the US Government for Vietnamese Government officials, and (3) developing a strategy for future US Government engagement to improve IPR enforcement and market access in Vietnam.

The U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council supported this initiative in three ways: (1) presenting information on technical assistance on IPR provided by USVTC and funded by the USG, USVTC members and/or other private sector resources, (2) assisting and advising on logistics for the event, and (3) designing, implementing and presenting the results of a survey of US companies on IPR and market access issues.

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