Imports Subject to State Trading and Phase-Out Schedule

HS Number Description Phase Out Period (yrs.)*
27101100 Aviation spirit U
27101200 White spirit (for producing paints) U
27101900 Other petroleum oils and oil preparations U
27102000 Diesel U
27103000 Mazut U
27104000 Light oils U
27105000 Medium oils U
27106000 Naptha U
27107000 Condensate U
27109000 Petroleum oils, other U
3102 Mineral or chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous 5
3103 Mineral or chemical fertilizers, phosphatic 5
3104 Mineral or chemical fertilizers, potassic 5
3105 Mineral or chemical fertilizers, other 5
3601 Propellant powders U
3602 Prepared explosives other than propellent powders U
3603 Safety fuses; detonating fuse; percussion caps etc U
3706 Motion-picture film, exposed and developed U
4901 Books, brochures & similar printed matter U
4902 Newspapers, journals & periodicals U
4903 Children's picture, drawing or coloring books U
4907 Unused postage, check forms, banknotes, stock, etc U
4909 Printed or illust post cards, greeting cards, etc. U
4910 Calendars, calendar blocks of any kind, printed U
4911 Printed matter nesoi, incl print pictures & photos U
8442 Mach etc nesoi for typeset, making pr plates etc U
8443 Print mach incl ink-jet mach ancil t prnt pt nesoi U
8524 Records, tapes & other recorded sound media etc U
8525 Trans appar for radiotele etc; tv camera & rec U
8526 Radar apparatus, radio navig aid & remote cont app U
ex85291000 Only satellite aerials for broadcasting U
ex85299000 Only aerials for equipment in 8525 adn 8526 U
9704 Postage or revenue stamps, firstday covers U

U = Unbound
* = Phase-out period in Annex C shall be calculated from the date of entry into force of this Agreement

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