Prohibited Imports

  1. Cigarettes (except for those as personal effects in prescribed quantity).
  2. Used consumer goods (except for transferred assets including goods to service the personal requirements of individuals with diplomatic status of foreign countries, international organizations and personal effects in prescribed quantity).
  3. Cars with right hand drive (including those in unassembled form and those with steering wheel modified prior to importation into Vietnam). As far as self-propelled special-purpose vehicles with right hand drive operating in narrow fields, such as cranes, trench and canal digging machines, garbage trucks, road sweepers, road construction trucks, airport passenger buses, and forklifts are concerned, importation is permitted and the Minister of Trade shall approve when there is demand.
  4. Used spare parts of automobiles of all kinds, motorbikes and motor tricycles - including chassis mounted with used automobile engines of all kinds.
  5. Used internal combustion engines with capacity of less than 30CV.
  6. Motorcycles, scooters and motor tricycles with cylinder of 175 cc and higher. In case of importation for defense, security and professional sports, to be subject to Prime Minister's approval.
  7. Other goods that may be within the scope of an exception set forth in Chapter I or Chapter VII of this Agreement.


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