Full Text of the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA)

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NOTE: For the OFFICIAL version of the Bilateral Trade Agreement, please contact the United States Trade Representative or visit their website.


CHAPTER I: Trade in Goods

CHAPTER II: Intellectual Property Rights

CHAPTER III: Trade in Services

  • ANNEX F: Annex on Financial Services, Movement of Natural Persons, Telecom, and Telecom Reference Paper
  • ANNEX G:
    • United States: Listing of Article 2 Exemptions and Schedule of Specific Commitment of Trade in Services
    • Vietnam: Services Annex G (pages G2 through G20 - belongs in body of agreement) [pdf]

CHAPTER IV: Development of Investment Relations

  • ANNEX H:
    • Vietnam: Exceptions to National Treatment to Covered Investments (Note: No Exceptions for MFN Treatment)
    • United States: Exceptions to National Treatment and MFN Treatment to Covered Investments
  • ANNEX I: TRIMS - Illustrative List
  • ANNEX S: Exchanged Letters on Investment Licensing Regime
    • Letter of Minister Khoan to USTR Barshefsky
    • Reply letter of Ambassador Barshefsky to Minister Khoan

CHAPTER V: Business Facilitation

CHAPTER VI: Transparency-Related Provisions and Right to Appeal

CHAPTER VII: General Articles


ANNEX A: Vietnam: Exceptions on National Treatment

ANNEX B: Vietnam: Phase-Out Periods (Quantitative Restrictions)

  • Annex B1: Import Quantitative Restrictions Agricultural Products
  • Annex B1: Import Quantitative Restrictions Industrial Products
  • Annex B2: Export Quantitative Restrictions
  • Annex B3: Prohibited Imports
  • Annex B4: Export Prohibitions

ANNEX C: Vietnam: Phase-Out Periods (State Trading)

  • Annex C1: Imports Subject to State Trading
  • Annex C2: Exports Subject to State Trading

ANNEX D: Vietnam: Phase-Out Periods (Import Trading Rights and Distribution Rights)

  • Annex D1: Import Trading Rights and Distribution Rights Agricultural Products
  • Annex D1: Import Trading Rights and Distribution Rights Industrial Products
  • Annex D2: Export Trading Rights

ANNEX E: Vietnam: Tariffs

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