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Vietnam WTO Accession


Status of Vietnam's WTO Accession (WTO Website)

Updates on Vietnam WTO Accession (News Stories and Other Developments)


USVTC WTO Related Technical Documents and Materials


Vietnamís Accession to the WTO: Strategies for Negotiations and 
         Implementation Process

Seminar sponsored by New York Life International in
         cooperation with Vietnam Ministry of Trade and the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council


Comparative Trade Commitments Chart


Comparative Chart:  BTA and WTO Accession

Catalog of Legal Updates 
        What Vietnam has done in relation to BTA Implementation and WTO Accession 


         Next Steps: Other U.S.-Vietnam Trade Issues and WTO Accession


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Other Useful References

WTO Legal Texts

WTO Training Packet

Basic Information on Acceding to the WTO
              Links to the section of the WTO Guide Trading Into the Future on how to join the WTO

28 May 2002

China Protocol of Accession (WT/ACC/CHN/49)

USTR Report on China WTO Compliance
 December 2002
 (click to download in PDF format)

Status of Cambodia's Accession

Highlights of Cambodia's Working Party Report

Cancun 5th Ministerial Conference
10-14 September 2003

 Vietnam Vice Minister of Trade Luong Van Tu's speech at the 5th Ministerial
Conference in Cancun, Mexico September 10-14, 2003

    News from the WTO Ministerial in Cancun

The Doha Declaration


 Analysis of the Doha Round of Trade Negotiations: New Opportunities &    
Challenges for
Global Business - Autumn 2002
       by Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP