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Vietnam WTO Accession

Latest:  Accession Moves Forward as Members Examine the Terms
(15 December 2004, WTO News)

Vietnam and Singapore Conclude Bilateral Negotiations for WTO Accession
(26 November 2004)

Vietnam Closes WTO Negotiations with Brazil, Argentina, and Chile
(24 November 2004)

EU and Vietnam conclude bilateral deal for Vietnamís accession to WTO
(9 October 2004)

USVTC Memo on WTO accession status (Updated October 20, 2004)

    Status of Vietnam's WTO Accession (WTO Website)

Vietnam Trade Information Center
      (National Site Selected by Vietnam WTO Delegation for  trade information)   

U.S. Federal Register Notice on Vietnam's WTO Accession (March 2002)

  Vietnam 8th WTO Working Party Meeting in Geneva

June 2004    


USVTC WTO Related Technical Documents and Materials


Vietnamís Accession to the WTO: Strategies for Negotiations and 
         Implementation Process

Seminar sponsored by New York Life International in
         cooperation with Vietnam Ministry of Trade and the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council


Comparative Trade Commitments Chart


Comparative Chart:  BTA and WTO Accession

Catalog of Legal Updates 
        What Vietnam has done in relation to BTA Implementation and WTO Accession 


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Select Articles on Vietnam WTO Accession


Accession Moves Forward as Members Examine the Terms (15 December, WTO News )
Deal with EU Gives Boost to Hanoi's Bid to Join WTO (October 11, WSJ)
EU Concludes Talks with Vietnam on WTO (Oct 9, Reuters)

EU seen close to agreeing Vietnam WTO entry (Oct. 5, Reuters)
U.S. Offers to Back Vietnam's WTO Bid (July 24, AP)
EU Thinks Vietnam Can Join WTO by 2005 (July 9, AP)
Vietnam Promises "Greater Efforts" to Join the WTO (July 4, AFP)
Vietnam Says It Still Hopes For WTO Entry In 2005 (June 24, AP)
Vietnam Sees WTO Entry Next Year After "Encouraging Talks" (June 17, Bloomberg)
Vietnam Outlines Latest Concessions Aimed at Securing WTO Membership (June 16, BNA)
Members praise Viet Nam's new offers, but seek improvements and more clarification (June 15, WTO News)
WTO Membership Bid Supported by the U.S. (June 14, Vietnam Economic Times)
Vietnam Should Speed Up Institutional and Trade Policy Reform to Join WTO (April 9, Vietnam Economic Times)
Key Members Support Vietnam's Bid: WTO Senior Official (April 8, Voice of Vietnam)
Vietnam Needs A Jump on Market Opening and Legal Reform (April 7, Tuoi Tre Online)

WTO Aspirant Vietnam Has Unresolved Issues - Yerxa (April 7, Reuters)
WTO says next round of talks critical to Vietnam's accession bid (April 7, AFP)
WTO Official Visits Vietnam to Encourage Accession Process (April 7, AP)
WTO Expecting Vietnam's Complete Proposal (April 7, VN Express)
Vietnam Looks to WTO Help for Accession (April 6, Vietnam News)
 Vietnam Lags on WTO Entry Process
(April 1,FEER)


Vietnam Faulted at WTO for Skimpy Offer on Market Access; BTA Deal with U.S. Cited (December 16, BNA)
Accession Talks for Vietnam on WTO (December 12, Washington Trade Daily)
Vietnam Vows to Push for WTO Accession by January 2005
(December 12, BNA)
WTO negotiations hit by lagging legal reform (Oct 27-Nov 2, VIR)
US supports Vietnam's WTO bid but says more reforms needed now
(August 7, 2003, - Reuters)

VN Advances Towards WTO Accession ( August 7, 2003 - Vietnam News)
"Say No to Any Sanctions for Vietnam" - Virginia Foote Interview  ( August 7, 2003 - Lao Dong Newspaper)
The winding road to WTO more difficult each day (August 6, 2003 - VietnamNet)
'Quantum Jump' Needed if Vietnam is to Join in Two Years ( May 12, 2003 -  WTO News)


Vietnam Pushes for WTO Membership (Nov 4, BBC)
Mostly Good News for WTO Campaign
(May 13, Vietnam Investment Review)
Nation Identifies Hurdles to WTO membership (May 13, Vietnam Investment Review)
Vietnam Reaffirms WTO Commitment; Makes Offer on Services, Goods Markets (April 17, BNA International Trade Reporter)



Other Useful References

WTO Legal Texts

WTO Training Packet

Basic Information on Acceding to the WTO
              Links to the section of the WTO Guide Trading Into the Future on how to join the WTO

28 May 2002

China Protocol of Accession (WT/ACC/CHN/49)

USTR Report on China WTO Compliance
 December 2002
 (click to download in PDF format)

Australia Draft Omnibus FTA Implementing Legislation, 2004

Status of Cambodia's Accession

Highlights of Cambodia's Working Party Report

Cancun 5th Ministerial Conference
10-14 September 2003

 Vietnam Vice Minister of Trade Luong Van Tu's speech at the 5th Ministerial
Conference in Cancun, Mexico September 10-14, 2003

    News from the WTO Ministerial in Cancun

The Doha Declaration


 Analysis of the Doha Round of Trade Negotiations: New Opportunities &    
Challenges for
Global Business - Autumn 2002
       by Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP