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 news from the WTO Ministerial in cancun


Cancun Ministerial Collapses Over Singapore Issues (Sept 14, World Trade Online)
Trade Ministers Fail to Salvage WTO Talks (September 14, Wall Street Journal)

China Moves Quietly to Push Trade Goals (September 14, Wall Street Journal)
WTO Issues Draft to Cut Farm Subsidies, But Some Dismayed
(September 13, Dow Jones)

Risk of Failure at Cancun Trade Talks (Sept 13, Financial Times)

Developing States Block WTO Investment Talks (Sept 13, Financial Times)

WTO Drafts Agriculture Accord; US, EU Fend Off Critics (Sept 12, AP)

WTO Considers Expanding Negotiations (September 12, AP)
Linking Poor Farmers to a Global Economy (September 12, Washington Post)
WTO Membership Has Its Pitfalls (Sept 11, FEER)

Ambition achieved as ministers seal Cambodia membership deal
September 11, WTO News)
WTO Ministerial Conference approves Nepalís membership
September 11, WTO News)


Daily Summary of WTO Ministerial Meetings