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USVTC Calendar of Activities:
January - December 2003


December 16 - 17: Workshop for Hanoi Law University, HCM Law University, and Ministry of Justice  with Viet Dinh - Associate Professor, Georgetown University


December 1 -12 Vietnam WTO Bilaterals &  Working Party  Meeting in Geneva


December 5: U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council & US ASEAN Business Council host banquet in honor of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan's Visit to Washington and 2nd Anniversary of the BTA . 


December 1:  Launching Workshop with Hanoi Law University


November 30 - December 6:  USAID/USVTC Study Mission to Washington, DC and New York City on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)


November 22: Workshop with Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association

November 10 - 12: Vietnam Minister of Defense visits Washington, DC. 
 U.S. Department of Defense Press Release


November 3: Vietnam and Japan Conclude Bilateral Investment Treaty


October 25 - November 1 USVTC/USAID Study Mission to Wellington and  Auckland, NZ on Financial Services and Fiscal Impact of Trade Liberalization


2003 APEC Key Issues and Joint Ministerial Statement

September 28 - October 10 Visiting Fellows from Hanoi & HCMC Law Faculty  Participate in Harvard University Kennedy School Executive Program on The Practice of Trade Policy: Economics, Negotiations and Rules


October 5 - 10: Minister of Planning & Investment Vo Hong Phuc Visits Washington, DC and New York City.   U.S.-Vietnam Trade  Council and US ASEAN Business Council co-host a breakfast in his honor.  U.S.-Vietnam Investment Seminar, New York City,  9 October.


October 3:  Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs James Kelly addresses a conference on U.S.- Vietnam  relations in Washington organized by SAIS and Vietnam's Institute for International Relations

September 2003:  Update on Upcoming Trade Council Activities and Technical Assistance Programs.


September  29 - 30 The Impact of Tariffs: Econometric and Empirical Analysis in Support of WTO Accession - Technical  Assistance Program  in cooperation with Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam Ministry of Finance.  


September 24: Ambassador Raymond Burghardt speech on U.S.- Vietnam Relations - The Need for a Broader Vision

September 23:  Ambassador Burghardt and Deputy Chief of Mission Bob Porter host dinner for USVTC/USAID Study Mission Delegates. 


September 16 - 20:  Minister of Trade Truong Dinh Tuyen Visits Washington, DC - Trade Council hosts Luncheon in his honor.   Sponsors include ACE, Boeing, Oracle, PHRMA, New York Life International and Nike. 

September 19:  Trade Council Member Far East National Bank Organizes Seminar on Factoring with State Bank of Vietnam. 

September 10 - 14Vice Minister of Trade Luong Van Tu Heads Delegation to WTO Ministerial in Cancun
Trade Council Member New York Life International hosts dinner in honor of Vietnamese delegation.        

Click here for news on the WTO Ministerial in Cancun

August 5 - 6: Vietnamís Accession to the WTO: Strategies for Negotiations and the Implementation Process  Seminar sponsored by New York Life International in cooperation with Vietnam Ministry of Trade and the USVTC
Keynote Speech by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan


July 30 - August 1:  USVTC hosts Cato Adrian - Counsellor, WTO Accessions Division  to work with Vietnam's WTO Negotiation Team
Cato Adrian Interview  (Vietnam News - August 7, 2003)
U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council President Virginia Foote Interview  (Lao Dong Newspaper - August 7, 2003)


July 19 - 27:   USVTC/USAID Agricultural Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) Study Mission to Washington, DC & Oklahoma

July 12 - 19: USVTC/USAID Telecom Study Mission to Washington, DC


July 15 :  House vote on Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) sanctions amendment on H.R. 1950 - Foreign Relations Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 2004 and 2005


July 7:  The Ministry of Justice and US-Vietnam Trade Council (USVTC) signed a project memorandum on assistance to  international trade law training project


July 1:  USVTC Workshop on Trade in Services at the Ho Chi Minh City University, School of Law


June 16 Decision memo to Joe Spectrini from Barbara Tillman for the Antidumping duty Investigation of Catfish from Vietnam 


June 5:  Ambassador Ray Burghardt briefs a group of Congressional staffers on US-Vietnam relations, organized by USVTC and House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee 


May 29:  President Bush transferred to Congress the one year renewal of the Jackson-Vanik 2003 waiver for Vietnam


May 12-13 Vietnam WTO Working Party Meeting in Geneva      


April 25 U.S. and Vietnam Sign Textile Agreement


April 3 Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) Introduces Vietnam Human Rights Act  (Press Release)


March 25 - April 2 USVTC/USAID Intellectual Property Rights Study Mission to Washington, DC


February 22 - March 1 USVTC/USAID State Bank of Vietnam Study Mission  to Washington, DC