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Vietnam Trade Minister in Washington, DC

June 2004


Meeting with Virginia Foote - President, U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council

Round Table Discussion with Members of the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council

Vietnam Trade Minister with Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien and Elena Bryan - U.S. Trade Negotiator, USTR


Vietnam Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen arrived in Washington today for a week of meetings and met with Trade Council members for a luncheon discussion.    During the course of the week, Minister Tuyen’s agenda will include a meeting with the U.S.-Vietnam Congressional Caucus, Members of the House and Senate, USTR Robert Zoellick, Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, a reception hosted by the Embassy of Vietnam, a meeting with textile and apparel companies, and a briefing for members of the US ASEAN Business Council.  He will also meet with senior officials from the U.S. Treasury and the National Security Council.

Minister Tuyen's visit is on the eve of Vietnam's next Working Party session in Geneva.  He will also focus on the shrimp dumping case, textile quota reductions, and the BTA more broadly.   


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