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Vietnam to Continue WTO Negotiations with Japan Tomorrow  
Vietnam and Japan will hold another bilateral negotiation on the former's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Ho Chi Minh City on March 10.  
The round comes after the two countries have yet to reach an agreement at the one-day talk on the similar matter, which took place on February 24 in Geneva, experts said.
Japan has given Vietnam high demands on intellectual property and asked the Southeast Asian country to take tougher measures to protect Japanese investors. It has also urged the communist ruling country to sharply cut import tariff rates on a number of goods and open further the services of banking, goods transport and distribution.
So far Vietnam has only completed six bilateral deals: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, the European Union and Singapore.
The nation still has to complete talks with 21 more partners, including the US and Japan. It is expected to conclude bilateral negotiations with the US in June or July this year on occasion of Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Khai's trip to the US.
Vietnam is now preparing for the 10th bilateral negotiation round to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, later this month, and is expected to join WTO late this year. (Labor Mar 9 p4, Vietnam Economic Times Mar 9 p1) 
Vietnam TV to Show US Documentary on Vietnam War
Vietnam Television is planning to debut a stunning US documentary film on the America-Vietnam war on Thursday this week.
Showing for the first time, the three-episode movie entitled The Unseen Vietnam War would be aired on local television.  Directed by Isabelle Clarke,  the documentary film is packed with raw and stunning new images of the conflict. It is expected to tell the story of the Vietnam war from the views of the US.
Compiled from over 20,000 reels of previously unavailable film in official US Military archives, The Unseen Vietnam War features unforgettable images and reports never released before.
The first episode would be shown at 10pm on Thursday (Mar.8). The next two episodes would be aired at 10 pm on March 17 and March 24. (VOV, Youth, Vnexpress Mar 9)