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NA Chairman Nguyen Van An hails work of former US trade negotiator

(Website of the Communist Party of Vietnam - Updated on 1/18/2005 at 22:9 )

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An on Monday met with former United States trade representative, ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, who is currently visiting the country.

He hailed ambassador Barshefsky for her contributions to Vietnam's economic development, and said he hoped the ambassador would share her expertise and support Vietnamís World Trade Organisation bid.

He told the US ambassador that Vietnam lacked experience in the intemational integration process and in preparation to join the WTO.

He briefed the ambassador about the assembly's efforts in finetuning legislation to serve Vietnam's swift economic transformation.

Barshefsky, also a negotiator of the Vietnam - US Bilateral Trade Agreement, praised Vietnam's economic achievements.

She spoke with the NA chairman about the issues surrounding Vietnamís WTO application, as well as Vietnam Ė US trade relations.

Barshefsky expressed her hope that Vietnam becomes a WTO member shortly and that Vietnam - US trade relations would continue to flourish.