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No-Communist Zone' Has No Place in America (May 29, LA Times)
15 June: Vietnam 8th Session for joining WTO
(May 25, The Youth)
Trade official calls for regulation of goods to US (May 22, VNA)
Vietnam Risk:  Foreign Trade & Payments Risk (May 19, Economist Intelligence Unit)
U.S. Delays Tariff Decision on Shrimp Imports 
(May 19, Dow Jones)
Hitting the Wrong Vietnamese Target (May 18, Wall Street Journal)
IPR protection needed for foreign investment  (May 17, Vietnam Investment Review)
House Urges Vietnam to Release Priest (May 12, AP)
Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia (May 6, The Economist)
Vietnamese Radio Reviews Visit of Vatican Deputy Foreign Minister
(May 4, Voice of Vietnam)
Vietnamese And US Firms Cooperate in Insurance Market
(May 4, Asia Pulse)
In Laos, Sifting the Earth for American Dead (May 1, Washington Post)