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US Warship Docks In Vietnam's Danang For Port Call (July 28, Dow Jones)
Vietnam Signs Berne Convention on Literature Copyright Protection (July 26, HCM Law)
U.S. Trade Official Supports Vietnam's WTO Bid (July 25, Channel News Asia)
U.S. Offers to Back Vietnam's WTO Bid (July 24, AP)

Fight looms over US curbs on aid to Vietnam (July 24, Asia Times)
Vietnam Repatriates Remains Of Troops Killed In Cambodia (
July 23, Dow Jones)
Cloud hangs over Vietnam as WTO remains out of reach (July 22, Financial Times)
Vietnam Willing to Discuss Montagnard's Resettlement (July 22, Wall Street Journal
Commentary: Peeling Away the Rhetoric Over Shrimp Tariffs (July 22, Wall Street Journal)
Shrimp and Mischief (July 21, New York Times)
Vietnam Criticizes U.S. Aid Linked to Human Rights
(July 20, WSJ)
Vietnam Introduces New Regulations for Internet Cafes (
July 20, WSJ)
Vietnam Shrimpers to Fight Tariffs (July 20, WSJ)

US House OKs Linking Vietnam Aid To Human Rights (July 19, Dow Jones)
House Approves Sanctions on Vietnam
(July 19, AP)
Bubba Gump Protectionism (July 19, Wall Street Journal)

Vietnam's Tribal Injustice (July 18, Time Magazine)
Vietnam Gov't May Lift Import Rules for FDI Firms (July 15, Asia Pulse)US Business Grp: Vietnam Has Potential; Reforms Necessary (July 13, Dow Jones)
Vietnam Issues New List Of Top State Secrets
(July 9, Dow Jones)

EU Thinks Vietnam Can Joint WTO by 2005 (July 9, AP)
Shrimp Duties Imposed Commerce Department Says Asian Imports Are Dumped (July 7, Washington Post)
US Navy Ship to Visit Vietnam's Danang in July (July 7, Reuters)

US Moves to Set Tariffs on Shrimp from Two Countries (July 7, Wall Street Journal)

US Puts Tariffs on China Shrimps (July 6, Financial Times)

US Tentatively Sets Tariffs on Shrimp from China, Vietnam (July 6, Dow Jones)

U.S. Decision on Shrimp May Shake World Market (July 5, AP)

Shrimp Row May End Quietly (July 5, Wall Street Journal)

Vietnam Promises "Greater Efforts" to Join the WTO (July 4, AFP)

Pitiful U.S. Shrimpers Tell Rivals: Just Give Us the Money (July 1, Asia Times)