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Key members support Vietnam's bid: WTO senior official

April 8, 2004

(VOV) - All key members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are interested in seeing Vietnam become a member of the organization. There is no effort on the part of any existing members to block Vietnam's accession to the WTO, a WTO senior official has firmly stated.

"We've had seven meetings of the working party. I would describe the progress made thus far as substantial but with significant issues still left to be resolved in the accession," said the WTO's deputy director general Rufus H.Yerxa told local reporters at a press conference in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Yerxa said there still is a need for the Vietnamese government to clarify and make more formal certain proposals about how it is going to comply with WTO rules.

"I do not believe this task is insurmountable. The Vietnamese government has already made a number of significant indications to show how they are going to comply with the rules," he added.

Vietnam has gone through seven rounds of talks and is among 25 countries currently trying to gain admission to the WTO.