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Vietnam - Trade: Fishy business (June 30, Business Asia)

Vietnam's Northern Province Succeeds in Drawing Fdi Projects (June 26, Asia Pulse)

Overseas Vietnamese Want to Help With National Construction (June 24, Asia Pulse)

Quick Disbursement of ODA Vital: Vietnam Deputy PM (June 24, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam Airlines to inaugurate direct Paris service on Tuesday (June 24, Vietnam Net)

Corporate standards best in Singapore , worst in Vietnam , China : Asia survey (June 23, AFP)

EU, Cambodia Sign Trade Deal Paving Way for WTO Accession (June 23, BNA Daily Report)

INSIDE INDOCHINA : Whither Vietnam 's Sovereign Bond? (June 20, Dow Jones)

NA committee sits on import tax change (June 20, VNS)

Vietnam's Tea Output Ranks Eighth Worldwide (June 20, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam's Largest Economic Hub Lures Foreign Investors (June 20, Asia Pulse)

Trial in Vietnam Shows Dangers For Dissidents (June 20, Wallstreet Journal)

Vietnam steamed over catfish tax (June 18, Reuters)

Vietnam Shuns U.S. Sanctions on Catfish (June 18, AP)

Vietnam gives farmers a tax break (June 18, Reuters)

Wireless Internet Launched in Vietnam (June 17, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam Ready to Issue Exhaustive Tariff List as From July 1 (June 17, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam's Tourism Sector Stirs Again, Post-Sars (June 16, Asia Pulse)

Vietnamese Technology Firm is Set to Go Public (June 13, AP)

Vietnam Gets $210M Support From ADB, MIGA For Pwr Plant (June 13, Dow Jones)

Econ Monitor: Domestic Policy, Trade Hurt Vietnam (June 19 Issue, FEER)

Vietnam telco 1st with Malaysia Internet service (June11, Reuters)

The noble feat of Nike (June 10, National Post)

Vietnam eyes 2004 GDP growth between 7.5-8.0 pct (June 10, Reuters)

Vietnam Pledges to Further Improve Business Environment (June 9, AP)
Vietnam Expects to Plant 2.4 Million Ha of New Forest by 2005 (June 6, AP)

Foreign broker breaks open local market (June 2-8, VIR)

Southeast Asian nations to liberalize skies with aviation agreement (June 5, AFP)

Who's Really to Blame For Low Coffee Prices? (June 4, International Policy Network)

Joining WTO will Accelerate Vietnam's Economic Reform (June 4, Financial Times)

South Vietnam flag won't fly in Oakland; Brown removes controversial topic from council agenda (June 4, The San Francisco Chronicle)

Vietnam H1 2003 GDP growth forecast to rise 7.0 pct (June 3, Reuters)

PRESS RELEASE: ADB Reallocates Loans To Vietnam SARS Fight (June 2, ADB release)

Vietnam to Spend US$5.5 MLN in Better Electricity Use Project (June 2, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam Commits US$5.3 MLN to Socio-Economic Development (June 2, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam Ministry Issues New Laws to Help Tan Thuan Epz (June2, Asia Pulse)

Mekong conference to focus on investment (June 2, The Nation)
Vietnam Jan-May Pledged FDI Rises 30% On Year To $633 Mln
(June 2, Dow Jones)

Vietnam inks trade agreements with three African nations (June 1, ABC Radio Australia News)