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US begins talks with Vietnam over Garment, Textile Quotas (Feb 20, DJW)

Vietnam links Boeing Plane, Cotton purchases to Textile Accord (Feb 20, Bloomberg)

MPI calls for loser Foreign investment rules (Feb 20, VNS)

Inside Indochina: Textile, Garment Industry, Prospering (Feb 18, DJN)

VA bill promoting S. Vietnam Flag Dies (Feb 17, Asso. Press)

Global Furor dooms Vietnam flag bill (Feb 16, Washington Post)

Vietnam's Bright Prospects for Econ Growth (Feb 13, FEER)

Vietnam's Deputy PM discusses World Trade Complexities (Feb 12, DJN)

US retail Giants sign warning against Vietnam textile Quotas (Feb 12, Asian Pulse)

U.S.-based labor organization opens office in Vietnam(Feb 12, AP)

The Unmentionable Fish (Feb, Rushford)

Government promises greater economic reform (Feb 6, VNS)
Vietnam's insurance section grew 62 percent last year
(Feb 6, Reuters)
Catfish Skirmish
(Feb 6, FEER)

Foreign Firms in Vietnam are turning to recruitment...(Feb 6, FEER)
Vietnam claims U.S. errors in fish fight (Feb 5, Bloomberg)

Iraq war risk for Vietnam's rice exports (Feb 3, Bloomberg)

VA legislature in Vietnam Flag Flap (Jan 31, Associated Press)

Vietnam selects Hill & Knowlton for Investment Program (Jan 30)

Vietnam New and Improved (Jan 30, FEER)

Vietnam's HCM city remains attractive to foreign firms (Jan 30, AP)

ADB Grants US$75 MLN Loan to Vietnam (Jan 30, AP)
(Jan 30, AP)
Bid to Honor South Vietnam Elicits Anger
(Jan 29, Washington Post)
Visa delays 'hamper US business'
(Jan 28, FT)
Preliminary Determination in the Antidumping Discrimination Duty Investigation of Certain Frozen Fish Fillets
(Jan 27, ITC Dataweb)