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Vietnam: New & Improved (Jan 30, FEER)
Vietnam ASEAN Trade Doubles (Jan 22, Saigon Times)

Vietnam Crime Scandal Reaches Politburo (Jan 22, BBC)

Vietnam 'repressing minorities' (Jan 21, BBC)

Vietnam Fails to use Internet says Minister (Jan 21, AP)

Major Tax Reforms on the Cards (Jan 20, VNS)
Vietnam on the way to lower import taxes
(Jan 13, Xinhua) 
Vietnam drops unpopular motorbike part curbs
(Jan 13, Reuters)
McCain Family Retraces Vietnam History
(Jan 12, AP)
Vietnam Officials Feel Less Tense About Trade Disputes with the U.S.
(Jan 7, Financial Times)
Time to say 'good morning, Vietnam'
(Jan 7, Financial Times)
Vietnam, Poor but Orderly, Is Now Tourist's Safe Haven
(Jan 5, NY Times)
US Embassy rejects catfish state subsidy claims: McCain
(Jan 3, VN News)
McCain Reflects on U.S.- Vietnam Relations
(Jan 2, AP)