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 International Trade Law training Assistance Project
Launching Workshop

Hanoi Hilton Opera Hotel Ė December 3, 2003 

Vietnamís Ministry of Justice and the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council formally launched their joint International Trade Law Training Assistance Project at a workshop on 3 December 2003.  Workshop participants included Vietnamís Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Hanoi Law University (HLU), the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council (Click here for USVTC's remarks), and a number of government agencies and educational institutions involved with international trade law training and practice.   

This three-year project will assist Vietnam develop and implement a legal curriculum on international trade law, specifically on the requirements of the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization.  The project will focus on building a comprehensive international trade law program, including a core curriculum at the law schools as well as in-country and overseas training programs for faculty.   The program will also seek to train about 50 qualified experts to advise the Vietnamese government on international trade law. 

To kick of the workshop, a representative of the Ministry of Justice read the Official Decision establishing the Project Management Unit (PMU), which is the implementing agency for the Vietnamese side.  The session included four keynote speeches from Dr. Le Minh Tam (Professor and Rector of the HLU and PMU Director), Mr. Nguyen Huy Ngat (Director of the International Cooperation Department at MOJ), Jessica Adkins (U.S. Embassy in Hanoi), and Demetrios Marantis (Chief Legal Advisor of the USVTC).  Speakers emphasized the importance of the project and stressed that its successful implementation will facilitate Vietnamís integration into the global economy by enhancing the capacity of international trade law lecturers and developing a strong group of individuals with critical knowledge on international trade law.   

Additional speakers focused on the current status of international trade law training in Vietnam.  Presenters included Dr. Bui Xuan Nhu (Vice Dean of the International Law Faculty at the HLU and PMU Vice Standing Director), Dr. Nguyen Thi Mo (Professor and Rector at the Hanoi Foreign Trade University), Dr. Nguyen Minh Chi (Chairman of the Vietnam International Trade Arbitration Center), and Mr. Tran Huu Huynh (Director of the Legal Department at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry).  These presenters noted that current international trade law training programs are largely inadequate -- with an underdeveloped curriculum, poorly trained lecturers, and few resources for students.  Speakers recommended that the project address the needs and demands at academic universities, public institutions as well as the business community.     

The project will hold its next workshop in mid-December, where a team of local and international experts (including Georgetown University Law Center Professor Viet Dinh) will focus on the current and future needs of the international trade law training in Vietnam.