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Singapore and US-Vietnam Trade Council Conduct Joint Training for Vietnam 

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US-Vietnam Trade Council (USVTC) are pleased to announce the launch of a joint training programme for Vietnam.   An intensive five-day course on WTO Accession and International Trade Law will take place in Hanoi from 28 June to 2 July 2004 at the Vietnam-Singapore Training Centre.  This training programme is the second co-operative effort between Singapore and the USVTC to provide technical assistance to Vietnam on issues relating to international global integration, including Vietnam's accession to the WTO. 

This training programme is conducted under the framework of the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) - Singapore’s technical assistance programme for developing countries. The SCP is founded on the conviction that human resource development is vital for achieving economic and social progress. Since the 1960s, Singapore has provided technical assistance to other developing countries. In 1992, the SCP was established to bring together under a single framework the various technical assistance programmes offered by Singapore. Through the SCP, Singapore is able to share its developmental experience with other developing countries and contribute to the economic growth and progress of developing countries. 

Mr Tan Seng Chye, Singapore's Ambassador to Vietnam said “Through this training programme, Singapore hopes to share with Vietnam key lessons learnt from our own WTO Accession process. We are delighted to be launching this programme in partnership with the USVTC. This joint initiative demonstrates our strong commitment towards helping Vietnam develop its human resource capacity.” 

“We are very pleased to be once again conducting a joint program with the Government of Singapore, said Virginia Foote, President of the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council.  “Our Vietnamese counterpart, the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation (NCIEC) has the important task of conducting the broad educating on issues relating to WTO accession and membership.  We hope that this next program will continue to assist them in such efforts.”   

More information on the Singapore Cooperation Programme can be found on the SCP website http://www.mfa.gov.sg/scp.  For additional information on the U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council, please contact the Trade Council in Singapore at (65) 9170-1801; Washington at (202) 547-3800; Hanoi at (844) 936-1701; in Ho Chi Minh City at (848) 824-3651, or visit the website http://old.usvtc.org

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