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International Trade Law Curriculum

USVTC Workshops and Seminars



August 2-8:  David Gantz - Professor, George Washington University Law School to conduct seminar series on International Trade Law for Hanoi Law University and Ho Chi Minh University of Law

March 17: Joint Workshop on WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism for HCM University of Law and Ho Chi Minh Bar Association by Victoria Donaldson - WTO Appellate Body Secretariat 

 March 8: Workshop on WTO Dispute Settlement for Hanoi Law University by Victoria Donaldson and Jan Bohanes - WTO Appellate Body Secretariat



December 16 - 17: Workshop for Hanoi Law University, HCM Law University, and Ministry of Justice  with Viet Dinh - Associate Professor, Georgetown University

December 1:  Launching Workshop with Hanoi Law University

July 1 USVTC Workshop on Trade in Services at the Ho Chi Minh City University, School of Law