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International Trade Law Curriculum

The U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council Education Forum is pleased to be working in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Hanoi and HCMC Law Universities on the development of an International Trade Law (ITL) curriculum.  The Education Forum formalized procedures with the Ministry of Justice in a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Vice Minister Lieu on 7 July 2003 in Hanoi .  The project is working to develop the core syllabus, course materials, international training programs, possible visiting faculty and additional resources available.  Our counterparts are MOJ, Hanoi Law University (HLU), and HCMC University of Law (HCMUL).  The following activities have been conducted and are being developed:

David Gantz - Professor, George Washington University Law School to conduct seminar series on International Trade Law for Hanoi Law University and Ho Chi Minh University of Law, August 2 - 8  

Study Mission for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Law Faculty to Kansas University, George Washington University, Georgetown University and National University of Singapore, April 2004

        Project Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Justice

        Survey of international trade law curriculum and programs in universities outside Vietnam

        Survey of Vietnam courses and programs on international economic integrations

        Workshops, speeches, presentations to HLU, HCMUL, HCMC Bar Association

        Fellowships at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Program on International Trade Negotiations participants from  Hanoi Law University and Ho Chi Minh University of Law, October 2003

        Sponsorship of study on International Trade Law at the National University of Singapore. 


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