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USVTC Seminar Series

 International Trade Law

Hanoi Law University
Ho Chi Minh City University of Law
August 2-8, 2004

The U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council is pleased to bring Professor David Gantz, Professor of Law and Director of the International Trade Program at the University of Arizona College of Law, to Vietnam on August 2 through 8.  Professor Gantz's visit is part of the international trade law curriculum program -- funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies -- that the Trade Council is undertaking with Vietnam's Ministry of Justice.  This program is developing a curriculum on international trade and investment law for Vietnam's law schools as well as providing training for law faculty and experts on this subject.

During his visit, Professor Gantz will conduct an intensive workshop on international trade law at the Hanoi Law University, hold a seminar on international investment law at the Ministry of Justice, and lead a workshop on antidumping and other trade remedies at the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association.   

Professor Gantz is a recognized expert in international trade law and has taught this subject at the University of Arizona, George Washington University Law School, and Georgetown University Law Center.  He has also served as a binational panelist under the dispute resolution provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and has written extensively on international law and international investment.  Professor Gantz has visited Vietnam on several occasions to work with the government and academics on these subjects.


David Gantz Biography

Program Agenda

A Workshop Report  on Arbitration Settlement of International Investment Disputes by Vietnam Ministry of Justice (PDF)


  International Trade Law Presentation (PowerPoint)

      Trade Remedies - AntiDumping Presentation (PowerPoint)

International Investment Law Presentation (PDF)