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Where Free Trade Hurts (December 15 edition, Business Week)

High-level Viet team woos investors in US (December 6, AFP)

Vietnam seeks stable relations with U.S. (Dec 6, Washington Times)

Vietnam seeks to win over US investors in whirlwind tour (Dec 5, AFP)

US-Vietnam deal allows direct flights (Dec 5, Channel News Asia)

Vietnam Plans Assertive Push on U.S. Trade (December 4, Wall Street Journal)

Vietnam Govt Drafting New Regulations On CEPT (Dec 4, Bernama)

Vietnam Exceeds Export Target (Dec 3, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam To Simplify Procedures To Attract FDIs (Dec 3, Bernama)

Hanoi trade meeting attracts Korean businesses (Dec 2, Asia Times)

Viet Nam's investment, business environment continues to improve  (Dec 1, VNA)

China doubles investment in Vietnam (Dec 1, Xinhuanet)

Saudi Arabia Eyes WTO Entry in Early 2004 (August 31, Reuters)

Tax Hikes Trigger Uproar Among Foreign Automakers in Vietnam (August 31,AFP)

Asian Econ Outlook: Vietnam Should Be Wary (August 28, FEER)

Foreign investment revamp pays off (August 28, VNS)

Vietnam Opens Public Transport to All Economic Sectors (August 27, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam Mulls Canceling Subsidies for Petroleum Importers (August 27, Dow Jones)
At Ease in Vietnam, Asia's New Culinary Star (August 27, New York Times)

Vietnam Court Reduces Dissident's 13-Year Sentence To 5 (August 26, AP)

Eyes on the White House, Kerry Keeps Focus on Vietnam (August 25, New York Times)

Viet Nam's eight-month export value - 13.3 billion USD (August 26, VNA)

IFC delegation in Vietnam to help drum up foreign investment (August 25, AFP)

Boeing Sees More Orders from Vietnam Air (August 25, Reuters)

More Firms Open in Vietnam's Surging Insurance Sector (August 22, Asia Pulse)

Carlsberg Eyes Stakes in Vietnam Breweries (August 21, Asia Pulse)
Vietnamese Banks to Face Fierce Competition From US Banks by 2010 (August 21, Asia Pulse)

Vietnam Faces Investment Test (August 21, Dow Jones)

Information technology and telecommunication will contribute 9% GDP? (August 20, VNA)

UPS Announces Joint Venture in Vietnam (August 19, AFP)

Top US Official Visits Vietnam's Troubled Central Highlands (August 19,AFP)

Visiting Jersey city deputy Mayor protests US house rights bill (August 18, Vietnam News)

Vietnam Auto Manufacturing Sector To Add $1.3 Billion Invest By '10 -Industry (August 18, Dow Jones)

Vietnam Gets $134 Million From World Bank (August 15, AP)

Vietnam Firms Internet Phone Card Sales Suspended (August 14, Reuters)

Enoc Lubricants Appoints Distributor in Vietnam (August 13, Gulf News)

US Textile Industry Import Quotas to Expire End Of '04 (August 13, Dow Jones)

Vietnam Syndrome: Council Caught in Flag Flap Quagmire (August 13, Boston Herald)

Catfish Sector Appeal on U.S. Ruling (August 13, Vietnam News)
Vietnam Air to sign financing of second Boeing 777 (August 12, Reuters)
US triggers woes for Vietnam textile industry (August 10, AFP)
Clothing Export Quotas a Tight Fit for Vietnam (August 10, Pacific Business News)

Louisiana: Shrimpers Challenge Trade Law Violators (August 9, New York Times)

US catfish farmers compensation puts VN indignation in perspective (August 8, VNS)

US Supports Vietnam's WTO Bid but Says More Reforms Needed Now (August 7, AFP)

Vietnam reforms "too slow" (August 7, BBC)

"Say No to any sanction against Vietnam " (August 7, Lao Dong)

VN Advances Towards WTO Accession (August 7, Vietnam News)

U.S. Supports Vietnam's WTO Bid But Says More Reforms Needed Now
(August 7, AFP)

Vietnam Advances Towards WTO Accession (August 7, Vietnam News)  

Vietnam To Appeal US Tariffs On Catfish Exports (August 6, Dow Jones)

VN Sets Sights on WTO Entry by 2005 (August 6, VNS)

Vietnam To Appeal US Tariffs On Catfish Exports (August 6, Dow Jones)

World Bank Managing Director Shengman Zhang concludes 4-day official visit to Vietnam (August 6, Press Release)

VN Sets Sights on WTO Entry by 2005 (August 6, VNS)

Local Shrimp Exporters Urged To Reduce Heavy Reliance on America (August 6, Saigon Times Daily)

Independent Electricity Projects Funded by Foreign Investors to Fuel their Manufacturing Plants are Encouraged (August 5, Vietnam Economy)

SaigonTourist Plans US$5m Center In San Francisco (August 4, Dow Jones)

Saigontourist Plans US$5m Center In San Francisco (August 4, Dow Jones)

VN needs overhaul to reach investment goal (August 2, VNS)