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Recent News Articles on Vietnam

March 2005


Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 23)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 22)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 21)

Unified enterprise law coming soon (Mar 18, VNS)

U.S. Wants Free-Trade Talks With Five More Asean Members (Mar 18, Dow Jones)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 17)

Vietnam to Conclude WTO Negotiations with Japan Shortly (Mar 17, Thanh nien)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 16)

Joint Oil Survey Is Set for Spratlys (Mar 15, AP)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 14)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 11)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 10)

Chinese Garments Restrain Vietnam (Mar 9, Washington Post)
Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 9)

Vietnam, U.S. Talk Human Rights Ahead of Decision Deadline (Mar 8, www.christianpost.com)
Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 8)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 7)

Articles on Vietnam 's WTO Accession

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 4)

Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 3)

Five Intl Banks Set Sights On Way Into Vietnam  (Mar 2, Dow Jones)
Vietnam News Briefs (Mar 2)

Supachai to Take UNTAD Helm After Stepping Down From WTO (Mar 1, BNA)



February 2005


U.S. Urges Judge to Dismiss Suit on Chemical Use in Vietnam War (Feb 28, NY Times)
Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 25)

Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 21)

Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 18)

Vietnam Appoints Chairman of Securities Commission (Feb 16, VNS)
Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 16)

Far East National Bank licensed for trade factoring (Feb 14, Saigon Times Daily)
MoF rejigs automotive tax policies (Feb 14, Saigon Giaiphong)
Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 14)

Vietnam To Allow Central Highland Protestant Churches (Feb 7, Dow Jones)
Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 3)

Vietnam News Briefs (Feb 2)

ACE licensed to operate life insurance (Feb 2, VNS)


January 2005


Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 31)

Vietnam Releases High-Profile Dissidents (Jan 31, AP)

Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 27)

Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 26)

Articles on visit of Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, Former US Trade Representative to Vietnam (January 2005)

Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 20)

Vietnam's Exports To US Soar After Pact -Former Trade Rep (Jan 18, Dow Jones)
Businesses get 'green line' inspection cards (Jan 17, Vietnam News)

Vietnam Plans To Sell VND47 Tln In Govt Bonds This Year (Jan 13, Dow Jones)
Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 13)

Vietnam makes a start on reform (Jan 12, Asia Times)
Buddhist monk heads home to Vietnam after 38 years in exile (Jan12, Channel News Asia))

Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 12)

Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 10)

U.S. Panel Clears Way for Tariffs On Shrimp Imports (Jan 7, AP)
ITC Delays Vote on Shrimp Injury to Consider Impact of Tsunami (Jan 6, Seafood.com News)
US Trade Agency To Decide Fate Of Shrimp Antidumping Case (Jan 5, WSJ)
IMF Sees Strong Vietnamese Economy In 2005 (Jan 5, WSJ)

Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 05)

Four candidates nominated for the post of Director-General (Jan 4, WTO Press Releases)
Vietnam News Briefs (Jan 4)

BP aims to raise Vietnam Nam Con Son gas output by 30% in 2005 (Jan 3, Platts News)
The Textile Offensive (Jan 3, WSJ)
U.S. Legislators Target Asia (3 Jan, WSJ)

No bets on WTO entry by end-2005 (1 Jan 2005, Thuong Mai)



December 2004

Boeing: Vietnam Air Formally Selects 7E7 (Dec 31, AP)

Textile Makers Lose Bid to Cap Chinese Imports (Dec 31, WSJ)
New York Life says Vietnam venture application still on file (Dec 30, SGT)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 30)

Vietnam accuses UNHCR of instigating refugees exodus to Cambodia (Dec 29, AP)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 24)
Vietnam's Accession Progresses; Civil Society Concerns Raised (Dec 23, ICTSD)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 21)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 17)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 16)

Accession Moves Forward as Members Examine the Terms (WTO News, 15 December 2004)

Vietnam to grant EU wider access to markets (Dec 14, Bloomberg News)

Hue opens World Bank information centers (Dec 10, WB Press Release)
Budweiser for Vietnam (Dec 9. Beverage Daily)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 13)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 7)

EU lifts quotas on textiles (Dec 3, Thanhnien)

Vietnam News Briefs (Dec 3)



November 2004


Communist Vietnam Launches Massive Corruption Crackdown (Nov 30, Dow Jones)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 26)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 25)

Vietnamese Deputy PM Eyes WTO; Optimistic About US Talks (Nov 24, Dow Jones)
Vietnam Closes WTO Negotiations with Three Latin American Countries (Nov 24, Vietnam News)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 24)

Majority of Americans support Viet Nam's WTO accession (Nov 22, VNA)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 22)

Office space in Vietnam going, going ... (Nov 17, Asia Times)
Jumbo Shrimp Follies (Nov 15, Washington Post)
Asia Leaders Seek Trade, Political Ties Progress At APEC (Nov 14, Dow Jones)
Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 13)

Heineken Unit Expands Vietnam Presence (Nov 12, Dow Jones)
Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 12)

NA approves estimated budget, Competition Law (Nov 11, VNS)
Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 11)

Vietnamese National Assembly passes competition law (Nov 10, Thanhnien)
Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 8)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 5)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 2)

Vietnamese TV Station Cancels News Program Over Banned Images (Nov 1, Dow Jones)

Vietnam News Briefs (Nov 1)




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